What Color of Backpack is Best for College?

Part of the drill of packing for college and picking the right items is ensuring that you stay in the right style. Now, you may have wondered, what color of the backpack is ideal for college? The answer is simple; it depends on your unique style or fashion. There are basically two sides; the brightly colored or the dark colored. A backpack is one of the essential items to carry to college and you will be seen with it a whole lot, so you should be careful when you pick the color you want to carry about.

Depending on your style, you have the liberty to choose whatever color and style you like. I suggest you go with a dark colored bag ranging from black to dark brown or dark navy blue. This is because they will go with most casual outfits. This way you will not have to worry about what color of tee or shirt to wear or looking like a clown in the hallway.

But if you are stylish and you love to mix and match, by all means, explore all your options and colors. You can rock bright-colored backpacks, beautiful patterns and floral designs, provided your outfit is right. This goes out to all the ladies who want to get noticed on campus, remember to keep it simple and your style in check.

Now, let us talk briefly about the colors that are not ideal for your college backpacks. White, off white and other lighter colors, are a total no. You will be moving around a lot, bumping into people and stuffs, be in the rain sometime and you will barely have time to wash your underwear, do your laundry, let alone wash your backpack. The light color will easily get dirty and will no longer be cool. So no matter how stylish and neat they look, it will only last a couple of days. And just like having a dark colored jean is ideal, so is a dark colored backpack. This way you have zero worries about washing and you can easily brush it when it gets dirty.

Finally, while you are making color preferences, you should also consider the material the bag is made of. Waterproof or water resistant nylon or polyester is easier to clean than denim or canvas material. But this doesn’t make the latter any less functional. However, the choice of your ideal college backpack is still yours. Make sure you choose wisely!

Remember, color is part of a style, so you may think you are not stylish but this decision shapes your style and ultimately how people will see you in college. If you will be staying in a college dorm, keep the backpack dark colored, preferably a black one.

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