What Your College Backpack Says About You

A large part of the modern student’s daily life revolves around the backpack: carrying it to class every day, using it to transport substances, illicit or otherwise. Whether or not you use your backpack as an essential tool of the scholar or a convenient tool just to carry whatever’s lying around, the bag you choose to carry on campus says a lot about you. Here are just a few examples that represent the different backpack and what they say about you:

A Comfortable Backpack; A comfortable backpack is ideal for persons who seem to move around a lot or carry lots of load. It may not be the most fashionable choice but because of the excess cushion in the shoulder straps, it makes it possible for a person to commute long distances without much stress and discomfort. Generally, people who want to reduce stress on their backs, shoulder or spine care about a comfortable backpack.

A School/Gym Backpack;This backpack is mostly used by sportsmen and athletes at colleges. They use this kind of backpack because it is spacious. Athletes/students use this backpack so they can put their kits for training after school or maybe their laptops.

A Bright and Colorful Backpack;This kind of backpack is suitable for flashy persons, fashion stars, “girly guys”, girls, etc. Persons who use this backpack are mostly social persons who love attracting the public eyes to them.

A Techie Backpack;This backpack provides stable protection for laptops/electronics. It has enough space for cameras, lenses, laptops, (basically almost all types of electronics) at once. It is a really stable and comfortable backpack for your electronics.

A Grown-Up Backpack; This backpack is called a grown-up backpack because it is made with a ballistic nylon material which keeps the looking brand new after long usage. This backpack can be used for years and still maintain its new look. I guess that is why it is called a grown-up backpack because it looks like just grown-ups know just how to keep old stuff look new for a long time and this backpack makes almost anybody a grown-up.

A Sleek Backpack;This backpack is a perfect in the sense that it is a not-too-big, not-too-small backpack. It has just enough space for my laptop and my notebooks without making it look like I am carrying a boulder on my shoulders. This backpack is rainproof and can also maintain its looks no matter how much it is abused. It is also a stylish bag that can also be used for fashion.

A Durable Backpack; Basically, this backpack is made to withstand the test of time. It can be used from the beginning of college as a freshman till you graduate or maybe in your senior year. You can put as much as five textbooks, your gym kits, snacks, etc. The point is, this backpack is made to serve its owner for a very long period.

In conclusion, every student should actually take time in carefully selecting the right backpack for colleges because you may not know what your backpack say about you.

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