Choosing a Backpack for College

A college backpack is not like your regular bag; you need to ensure that it meets certain requirements that will ease you day-to-day campus hauls. Your ideal backpack may not necessarily be the one that looks best or that you can afford at the time. On this note, investing in a good backpack will be of the best pre-college decisions you will make. There are certain considerations you have to take note of before you set out to pay for a backpack fit for college. Apart from getting a quality and durable bag, you should also consider some features that will enhance the functionality of the bag. Let us look at some key features you should note.

Durability: First on the list is durability. A good quality backpack will be made of very durable fabric. Such a bag should be at least water resistant and should have a couple of other resistance like scratch and shock. A durable bag will be able to withstand wear and tear and even eventual falls. You can also walk through light showers without worrying about soiling your valuables or damaging the bag.

Lightweight: You should go as lightweight as possible. Lightweight backpacks are more comfortable to carry around and are usually more durable. Your laptop and other essentials will be heavy enough for you to carry about and you wouldn’t want your backpack to add extra weight on your arms or back.

Double zippers: Double zippers are your friends. They make the backpack more accessible and organization easier. It will allow you to access your backpack without unnecessary fuss. In addition, one can serve as a backup in case the other is broken. But you can prepare for a broken zipper or damaged backpack by buying a product with a warranty, this way it is immediately replaced.

Multiple pockets or organizers: A backpack with multiple compartments is ideal for college students. Since, you will be carrying a whole lot of stuffs ranging from your books, lunch pack, gym clothes, and your laptop etc. Multiple compartments will help you properly organize your items so that they are easy to locate.

Make sure you have enough room: This is one of the most important features you have to look out for. First, determine how much items you will be carrying and get a backpack that can comfortably accommodate them all. You should also avoid over packing so your bag must have enough room for your accessories. Also, make sure that it can accommodate your laptop.

Adjustable and padded straps: The next thing you have to look out for is the straps. Since you will be moving around with your backpack a lot, ensure that it has padded straps as this will ease the stress on your shoulders. Also, make sure that you get a backpack with a padded backside as this will also add comfort. The straps should not only be comfortable but also adjustable, this way you can adjust it to your perfect fit.

Finally, make sure that the price of the bag you choose is within your budget. For ideas about college backpacks see our post on The Best Stylish and Cool Backpacks for College.