College Life

Choosing a Backpack for College

A college backpack is not like your regular bag; you need to ensure that it meets certain requirements that will ease you day-to-day campus hauls. Your ideal backpack may not

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There are different backpack styles available and you may be wondering which one is fit for college. While there are different styles available, it is important that you choose a

What Your College Backpack Says About You

A large part of the modern student’s daily life revolves around the backpack: carrying it to class every day, using it to transport substances, illicit or otherwise. Whether or not

What Color of Backpack is Best for College?

Part of the drill of packing for college and picking the right items is ensuring that you stay in the right style. Now, you may have wondered, what color of

Where to Get a Cute Backpack for College

A college backpack should not just be cute and stylish but should also be able to accommodate all your essentials including your computer and large books. Have you ever wondered

A Beginners Crash Course to College Style and Fashion

Packing for college can be almost as stressful as applying for college. If you are a beginner, this guide is your comprehensive course to the style and fashion on most