The Best Stylish and Cool Backpacks for College

As a college student, you’ll have to shuttle between classes, home, and other activities, and you’ll do it carrying a whole lot of stuff around. Despite carrying your essentials, you probably want a stylish bag; after all, college isn’t high school. The basic essentials you’ll need to carry include your laptop, textbooks and personal items, all of which must fit into one comfortable and stylish backpack.

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What Makes an Ideal Stylish and Cool College Backpack?

An ideal college backpack is not just some regular bag; it is going to be your companion forabout four years, so you have to choose wisely. Now, certain features will make a backpack ideal for college. Some of the most important features include space, durability, and comfort. You need a functional backpack that will keep all your items well organized and easily accessible and not just stuff them in. This means that you have to look at the features and not just the exterior. Before we look at the features, let us briefly discuss a few considerations you have to take note of when choosing your ideal college backpack.

Volume & Size:The first thing you should consider when buying your ideal college backpack is the volume of accessories you will be carrying. Whether you are a techie or not, you will need a backpack with a laptop compartment that can accommodate your laptop’s width and length. If you carry a lot of items around, you will need a spacious bag with lots of compartments and you should also see to it that the backpack is comfortable to carry around.

Personal Style:The next thing you should consider is your personal style. Now, techies, fashionistas, gangsters, sportsmen and all other groups of individuals usually have a unique style that defines them. So, depending on your style, you should pick a backpack that works best for you. For instance, a stylish backpack is not as boring as a techie’s and will be more sleek and appealing.

Now let us take a look at some of the features that makes an ideal college backpack:

Waterproof or water-resistant material: Durability is crucial when you want to purchase any item and a college backpack is not left out. On this note, a backpack featuring a water resistant or waterproof external fabric is an ideal go-to. This way, you will not have to worry about getting your valuables soaked by eventful rain or even light showers. So, you will want to get a backpack that lasts and also one that will protect your items from the rain.

Organizers: You should also get a backpack with organizers, this will help you separate your items and hold them in separate compartments. This way, everything in your bag will be easily accessible.

Laptop sleeve: A laptop sleeve is another great feature to look out for. It not only gives extra padding, but it also helps protect your laptop and any other delicate items you may carry around.

Bottle holder: This feature is also important. When you have a dedicated bottle holder, you will keep it from condensing around your books and other valuables. However, some backpacks overlook this feature. I assure you will find this feature quite useful, especially if you are one of the on-the-go beverage drinkers, or you love to keep your water handy.

Adjustable shoulder/waist straps: Waist straps help to distribute the weight of your backpack evenly around your torso. They are great especially for heavy backpacks or for college students who carry their “life” up and about. However, you should make sure that all the straps are adjustable.

Getting the Most out of your College Backpack

Invest in a quality backpack: If you want to get the most out of your backpack, the first thing you should do is to invest in a quality bag. This is because it will be your daily companion for years and as such will be exposed to wear and tear almost all the time. On this note, you should begin by buying a quality backpack, made with durable materials such as water resistant, shock proof and scratch resistant materials.

Do not over pack: This is probably the golden rule to lasting backpacks. Whatever you do, do not over load your bag more than its capacity. Instead, invest in a bigger backpack or a second bag. When you over pack, you are constantly wearing-off the bag and it will be damaged sooner than you know.

Use a bag lock: While some backpacks come with special locking features, others do not. However, your college backpack should not only carry your items around but also keep them safe. Hence, one of the ways to ensure that your valuables are safe is by keeping them under lock at all times. This way, you are sure not to lose any of your valuable items.

In the next section, we have picked out some of the most stylish and functional college backpack available on the market today.

Our Favorite College Backpacks For You & Your Style

The Outjoy Backpack for Laptops Shockproof

The Backpack for Laptop Travel Bag Schoolbag is a shockproof backpack with a protective feature designed to protect the laptop from damaging and striking in the event of hitting the ground; this is made possible by the compartment lined with thick foams in order to absorb the shock of the falls.

This unique laptop also has a waterproof feature, wherein, in the event of rain, it protects the contents of the bag from being soaked or damaged by the rain. The Velcro closure under the backpack ensures the protection of valuables.

This multi-purpose backpack also has a considerable number of compartments, and is equipped with ultra-light durable Nylon material. The laptop compartment has a mezzanine large capacity compartment.

Several other items can be carried on the backpack, due to its two-sided pouches; it can be used to carry beverages, water bottles, literally, all the items required for a good day, either at school work or even trips and travels.

In addition to the sophistication of this multipurpose backpack, it is designed to meet modern trend. It is not only fashionable but also suitable for travel, work, and even a school environment, thus leaving it with a dynamic and sociable nature.

The S-shaped shoulder straps are one of its unique features giving ultimate comfort to the back and reduces any fatigues on the back, it also has a chest strap that can be strapped and unstrapped at any time to adjust back for comfort and also to hold the shoulder strap on.

In a bid to make life easy, this backpack comes with some very accessible features such as:

  • A handy pocket found in the outermost pocket for key collections attached to a key chain
  • A separator-like wallet that is mostly organized for holding credit cards, IDs, VIP cards, photos etc.
  • An air flow breathable back

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The SwissGear SA1908 Backpack

This backpack can be considered the holy grail of backpacks. From the makers of the Swiss army knife, this beauty emerges. This backpack is a versatile backpack and is both convenient and functional, geared with incentive features such as the pouch for holding of MP3 players, the main pocket could also be used to secure gadget accessories. This is one of the coolest college backpacks you will find.

Some of the prominent features of the Swiss backpack are:

  • It is designed with a mobile phone pocket to keep you constantly organized.
  • A laptop compartment with quick-window recognition that makes the airport security hassle free. The laptop compartment is airport friendly, keeping your computer safe while passing through airport security. At the checkpoint, simply unfold to a flat position. This keeps above and below the laptop section clear. The amazing feature of the laptop compartment is that it can be adjusted to fit all sizes of laptops, this allows for quick and easy entry and access.
  • Also embedded with an airflow back system, it provides comfort and back support
  • An elastic side pocket, able to expand to accommodate all sizes of water bottles
  • Reinforced, durable and ballistic weave fabric
  • Fits up to a 17-inch laptop

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The Kuprine Water Resistant Slim Business Backpack

This fantastic laptop is well known for its security and anti-theft feature with backpack locks, ideal for both men and women, and also suitable for any purpose.

It has a laptop compartment of which the size is about, 11.4×17.7 (WxL), fit for all kind of 13-15.6 inch regular laptop computers. Some 17.7-inch computers could also fit

Its protective/security/ anti-theft features are off the charts. It is equipped with a pocket under strap – anti-theft, double layer zipper for the main pocket. It also has an anti-explosion feature.

For really organized people who have systems and arrangement patterns, this backpack is suitable, designed with 3 main pockets, 8 inner pockets, 1 mesh pocket, 2 front quick access pocket, 2 side pockets and 1 back pocket which provides an organized, free and accommodating space for your laptop, tablet/iPad, iPhone, pen, wallets, clothes, books, keys, lunch, and more.

You need not worry if you’re caught in a light rain or drizzle with valuables in your backpack, the nylon fabric in the backpack is waterproof, designed to secure your laptops, books, clothes and other accessories, ensuring it stays dry during light drizzle while searching for shelter. This backpack is also tear-resistant and is able to withstand stretching conditions.

It goes without saying that, this backpack is not gender specific, so, it is fit for both men and women and suitable for any condition or purpose.

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The Weekend Shopper College Backpack

This is one of the most stylish and cool college backpacks today. The Weekend Shopper College Laptop backpack is unique, stylish, and an ideal college companion. This backpack is suitable for all occasions from classes, to parties, meetings, and all college activities. This is because it is quite fashionable and stylish. It is available in different colors and is also an ideal backpack for both gents and ladies, all you need do is to pick your favorite color.

This college backpack is lightweight yet spacious enough to accommodate all your accessories, including a 15-inches laptop. It features a protective Velcro closure that keeps the laptop safe and in place at all times. This bag is also versatile and is your perfect travel companion, weekend gateway, camping backpack, mountaineering and a whole lot of other activities. It suits college students, teens, and adults under 6.2-ft in height.

The backpack panels are fully padded to ensure the safety of your items and also optimal comfort for your back at all time. The shoulder straps are also well padded and provide comfort for your shoulders. You can also adjust the shoulder straps to your preferred length at all times. Speaking of durability, this backpack is made of superior quality water-resistant fabric, which is the ideal fabric for lightweight and durable backpacks.

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The WinbloCollege Backpack

The Laptop Backpack, Winblo is yet another stylish college backpack. It is a lady’s backpack and is one of our favorites. This backpack is simple and durable, designed with an external linen fabric and an internal nylon fabric. It is also soft and very comfortable, easy to carry all day long. It comes in many different colors, so you can choose the one you like. This lady’s laptop backpack has a roomy compartment and you can carry your books, gadgets, lunch pack, laptop, and even a light jacket in a well-organized manner.

The laptop compartment fits up to 15.6-inches laptop and the main compartment can hold a 17-inch laptop, tablet or MacBook. This backpack also comes with a custom fit strap that can be adjusted to fit the user. The shoulder strap is a padded design and has flexible attachment points that are contoured for a woman’s torso, perfect for any size or shape. This bag is also lightweight and easy to use or move around in.

Some of the key features to note about this stylish Winblo backpack include:

  • Very durable and comfortable, with padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Functional and roomy compartment lets you organize all your stuff for easy accessibility
  • This backpack is simple, trendy, lightweight and very easy to carry around, ideal for ladies
  • Offers six different colors
  • It is also very affordable

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The Leaper Cute Canvas Backpack

The Leaper Cute Thickened Canvas School Backpack is not only unique for its large computer compartment feature but also its fabric makeup. With a high-quality canvas material, this backpack is durable and can last over a long period of time, making it an ideal college backpack.

The backpack has a computer compartment space, large enough to fit two laptops. It can comfortably hold a 14in laptopweighting approximately 0.68kg, giving ample room for other accessories and gadgets.

The construction of this backpack is unique in that, the main inner compartment can hold notebooks, magazines, and A4 files. The side pockets can hold a water bottle and an umbrella. There is a front pocket with a buckle closure that is suitable for holding wallets and snacks. This backpack also features two (2) mini open pockets in the main compartment where you can store your cell phone or small electronics. It also comes with an inner zipper pocket to hold wallet keys or other small items.

This eccentric backpack is also designed to provide maximum support and comfort. The backpack has padded adjustable strap and a padded back that makes it comfortable to carry. With its lightweight feature, it is recommended for school activities and casual day trips. With its large capacity, it can contain loads for travel and short trips. This backpack is not only suitable for high school and college students, but can be used by workers.

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The Vaschy Classic Rucksack

The Vaschy Unisex Classic Water Resistant School Rucksack is yet another ideal backpack for college students. Made of superior polyester material and with its ideal lightweight material, this backpack is durable and designed for heavy duty. The polyester material is heat proof, making it suitable for outdoor use. In addition to the list of resistance this backpack is reputed for, the wrinkle resistant feature gives it an edge over most backpacks. This polyester backpack is therefore a genuine resilient material, perfect for backpacks.

It also features a reinforced bottom and high detailing which ensures that the base of the backpack is covered for added protection. Optimum comfort of the shoulder is provided for by the provision of an ergonomic, dual padded, reinforced and adjustable shoulder pad.

This backpack is designed with a 14-15inch pocket that can comfortably fit a laptop or an iPad. The pocket is well padded and cushioned and this will keep your laptop or iPad safe.

There are three small interior pockets and two zipper pockets where you can put your chargers, calculators, and wallet. It is clutter free to enable free access. The key hook in the front of the backpack is meant to keep keys safe to prevent loss. Other features include side pockets on each side that can hold two water bottles, a wire port for music lovers (to prevent the cord from being entangled and accessible when needed) and sturdy zippers that will protect personal belongings. The zippers are not easily broken when used over a long time, giving it that ever-new look.

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The Weekend Shopper Rucksack Bookbag

What more could ever be said about this unique backpack? The Weekend Shopper Lightweight Canvas Backpack is designed with an oxford fabric material, durable and cool styling and its attractive features suitable for colleges make this backpack to be one of a kind. Its lightweight and capacious feature makes easy to carry about the whole day. Fit and suitable for a 15-inch laptop in the interior compartment and it has a Velcro closure that keeps the laptop safe.

This durable backpack that is classically designed gives you ample room when preparing for a daily commute or a longer weekend- length haul. Hence, the college backpack you want to have.

The superior nylon fabric not only makes this backpack water resistant but also an ideal lightweight heavy-duty backpack, giving both efficiency and comfort. This comfort is ensured by the ergonomic dual padded, reinforced and adjustable shoulder strap, which can be adjusted to suit your comfort. This backpack is also padded and reinforced in the back for additional comfort. This will make a great choice of college backpack for people who carry lots of items around.

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The KAKA Terylene Backpack

Also known as the camouflage bag, this backpack’s main material is made of durable Terylene oxford fabric, and the lining is water resistant. The approximate dimensions of the backpack is 12″ L x 22″ H x 7″W and a Capacity: 35L, suitable for large size 17inch Laptop.

These are some of the key features of this elusive backpack:

  • There is a handle on the top of the backpack so you can use it as a tote bag anytime you do not want to use the straps. It also has a laptop compartment inside the main pocket it can accommodate most 17 inch laptops. The lining of the bag is water resistant, so it’s not easy to get wet. It features padded shoulder straps that are adjustable, that will make your shoulder comfortable.
  • This fantastic college backpack also comes with an integrated breathable mesh pad in the back that leaves
  • The backspace breathable and not muggy
  • With its reasonable pockets design, you can make your valuables lay in the bag systematically and orderly

It is a very good backpack for working, traveling, hiking, camping, school and especially for college.

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The WowboxCanvas Backpack

This backpack has more than meets the eye. Its construction and build-up is not only technical but also leaves its trademark. This backpack has a durable material. It is made out of superior durable rugged wash heavy canvas fabric, seamless stitching, soft to touch, and really classy. With a nice leather pull attached to the zipper, this ensures grabbing of the zipper a lot easier.

With multifunctional pockets, this backpack can store and hold many personal belongings. It has a main storage compartment with a canvas front bag flap to flip over and a giant interior space to accommodate various accessories and gadgets. The outside 4zippered pockets used to hold articles conveniently. The inside of the backpack is designed with a huge Velcro padded compartment to hold full sized books and even laptops of 14.17inch in size. Attached with a zipper are 6 wall pockets on the inside of the backpack that perform well in the systematic and orderly arrangement of cords, wallets, keys etc.

Being capable of adjusting for optimum comfort, this backpack is designed with a comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap and this eliminates any form of fatigue. It is extendable and adjustable to any length that is preferred by the carrier.

This fantastic backpack is not only for men but also for women and can be used on any occasion, for school, work, and hiking and even for daily activities, which makes it a perfect college backpack.

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Final Words on Stylish College Backpacks

Having gone through our list of recommended college backpacks, I hope you found it useful and you found a cool backpack of your choice. The products listed above are quality backpacks that are also budget-friendly, so you can immediately shop for your pick with no worries at all.